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The Services Portal is the main communication tool between the Federation and the more than 25.000 members of the Associated Companies and allows:  

  • use the information and support offered;
  • dialogue with the various functions of the Federation;
  • participate in community life.

Among the different functionalities, it is highlighted, in particular:  

  • the possibility to search for documents by type of service and / or competence;
  • the availability of over 35.000 documents already published by the Central Directions of the Federation, by the sector Associations and by the Merchandise Groups, divided by areas of competence;
  • the daily press review on the main issues related to the chemical sector and the weekly archive of articles;
  • the ability to recall documents of interest at any time through a sophisticated search engine, which also operates through a full-text scan; the availability of a personal area for each user where to save the documents of interest;
  • the possibility to choose the frequency of reception of weblinks: in "real time" or "merged" in a single daily or weekly e-mail;
  • greater interaction with the Federchimica System allowing, for example, for the Working Groups to share and manage documents;
  • a "phone book" containing telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of Federchimica personnel, which can be consulted based on their skills, in order to easily find the expert able to answer the question from the Associated Company.

Companies that have not received a username and password to access the service can report it to: infobdd@federchimica.it

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