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Established in 1985, Assofertilizzanti - National Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers - is one of the 17 Associations of Federchimica - National Federation of Chemical Industry - which protects and represents all the production companies in the fertilizer sector. To pursue this aim, Assofetilizzanti brings together the main operators in the fertilizer sector, with a total turnover of around one billion euros, equal to over 90% of the entire national market.

Assofertilizzanti develops the technical, legal and regulatory guidelines concerning the production and use of fertilizers and promotes them to public decision-makers, business organizations, to the world of communication and the scientific community.

Assofertilizzanti takes care of the land, which is the main interest, and does it by financing economic studies, investing in research and development and encouraging young Italian researchers who, being able to practice their business in Italy, contribute to the scientific and technological progress of our Country.

The aims pursued by the Association are:

  • to promote, through appropriate actions, the maintenance and development of products and technologies;
  • to promote research, production and marketing of safe and effective products and technologies to protect consumers and the environment;
  • to promote scientific and technological progress;
  • to establish and maintain a relationship of close and reciprocal collaboration with all stakeholders;
  • to assist members in all cases in which the requested intervention is in accordance with the aims of the Association;
  • to act as a collector and support to promote the external trade of members;
  • to implement a discipline and a constant surveillance so that the level of behavior of the associated companies is consistent with the ethics and aims of the Association according to the Code of self-discipline;
  • to promote correct information on the main topics relevant to the sector, developing an open and transparent dialogue with the public.

Assofertilizzanti Secretariat

Tel: +39 02 34565383
Fax: +39 02 34565331
Email: assofertilizzanti@federchimica.it