Assofertilizzanti is one of Federchimica’s (National Association of the Chemical Industry) 17 Associations that safeguards and represents all the productive divisions of the fertilizers sector.


In order to pursue this aim, it gathers the main operators of the plant food sector, with a whole yearly turnover of about 1 billion euro, equal to more than the 90% of the entire national market.


At current time 54 companies join Assofertilizzanti, they are structured in the following commodity sectors: 

  • Group of Mineral fertilizers (nitrogenous, phosphates and potassium, compounds, based on secondary elements or on microelements), this group includes producers and formulatorsimporters; 
  • Group of organic-mineral and organic fertilizers, amendments and conditioners ;
  • Group of specialized fertilizers.

Assofertilizzanti elaborates the technical, legal and regulatory guidelines related to production and use of fertilizers and promotes such lines towards public decision makers, entrepreneurial organizations, the world of communication and the scientific community.